The Future of Money

“Hackers are the animals that can detect a storm coming or an earthquake. They just know, even though they don’t know why, and there are two big things hackers are excited about now and can’t articulate why – Bitcoin and 3D printing.” I think Bitcoin is poised to be a true game-changer for the business world, and the tech community in particular”.Paul Graham (YCombinator)

Bitcoin Vienna Expo 2015 ♦ March 2 -3, 2015

The future money? Hardly any financial topic these days is discussed that much emotionally as the issue of digital currencies.

Hayek Institute

Hayek Institute – Partner of Bitcoin Expo Vienna 2015

Many refer to cryptocurrency as the next big thing” after inventing Internet Trading and mining digital currencies is an enemy of state in several countries. Bitcoins were referred to as illegal, were then banned and now goverments try to get control. The trend towards cryptocurrency seems to be irreversible. The political and financial establishment has to find arrangements with Bitcoin & Co.

A role model for this new development is New York. Wall Street already looks covetously at the field of cryptocurrency. The Financial Markets Authority in New York is currently working on a BitLicense”, pioneering and widely discussed rules for the Bitcoin financial scene.

Bitcoins are only the spearhead of a wave of cryptocurrencies that will represent the monetary future. The use of digital money systems will have a fundamental impact on many areas of our social, economic and legal systems.

Bitcoin Austria Logo

Bitcoin Austria – Partner of Bitcoin Expo Vienna 2015

The objective of our Bitcoin Vienna Expo 2015 is to bring the audience closer to the topic of cryptocurrencies and will do this in a mix of theory and practice. Best-of-breed speakers will give the theoretical background and startups will present the latest developments in terms of applications and services. We are very glad to have partners from both sides of the coin – Hayek Institute Austria for “money theory side” and Bitcoin Austria for the “cryptocurrency technology side”. Those partners along with others should guarantee a exceptional event.

With the involvement of international financial experts, skeptics and proponents of cryptocurrencies we work out potential risks and that come along with cryptocurrencies. Legal experts will highlight the problems of development of regulatory frameworks and address the legal challenges for startups, companies and individuals in dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Expo Vienna 2105 will put the limelight on startups from Central and Eastern Europea, new business models based on cryptocurrencies will be presented.

So let’s do it! Let’s create the future of money!